Drains & Closet Flanges

Dallas Specialty Dal-Flanges. Flanges you can count on

  • Offering a wide variety of Closet Flanges to meet all your complex needs
  • Available in PVC or ABS
  • Flanges for 3” or 4” pipe installations, and many more. We offer a wide variety
  • Easy Push-On Gasketed Flanges,  Solvent Weld, Offset or Straight
  • For Repair or New Construction, Dallas Specialty has a Flange to meet your need
  • Dallas Specialty recently introduced the 45 degree Metal Ring Closet Flange, including the only 4” Gasketed Metal Ring Closet Flange to make the job easier

Try Dallas Specialty’s Dal-Flange’s today. We provide the highest quality products and specialty sizes for those difficult situations.

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