Dallas Specialty Tracer Wire is available in 12, 14, and 18 gauge, poly coated wire. Tracer Wire is used for tracing water, gas and sewer lines in-ground. Conveniently spooled in 500’ rolls, easy to handle. Poly coat is available in: Yellow, Green or Blue.

Tapes and wraps for multiple applications such as pipe wrap, for wrapping steel pipe & fittings to prevent corrosion. Duct Tapes, Teflon tapes for covering pipe threads, and Caution Tapes for barriers also available.

Sand cloth rolls used for cleaning & smoothing out rough edges of cut pipe. Water resistant.

Cable Saws & Mini Hack Saws for your on-the-job supplies and pipe cutting needs.

Dallas Specialty Perforated Hanger Iron for securing pipes to studs & joists. Galvanized Hanger Iron is 28-30ga.

Utility Straps, Polypropylene Rope, Stretch Wrap, Jersey Gloves, Duct Tapes & Box Tapes & Tape Guns, available for all your warehouse supply needs and transportation needs.

Dal-Clamps / Nail Clamps, secures water pipe to studs, available in 1/2”, 3/4” & 1”. Pre-loaded nails.

Dallas Specialty provides packing & oakum supplies for joining cast iron pipe from spigot x hub. Packing the hub with oakum and lead. Packing lead joints.