Flexible Pipe Couplings

Dallas Specialty manufactures a full line of High Quality Flexible PVC Pipe Couplings, with maximum flexibility and easy installation,  for all your sewer and drain connections: 

  • Used in connecting Sewer & Drain and DWV piping systems.
  • From sewer connections, house-to-main connections, repairs, cut-ins, conductor and roof drains
  • Used in underground sewer, drainage and other pipelines to connect
    • Plastic / Cast Iron /  PVC / ABS / Stainless Steel  / Schedule 40 PVC/DWV / SDR35 / Clay /  A/C Fibre / Ductile Iron /  Concrete / ADS Corrugated Pipe / RCP (reinforced concrete pipe) / Fiberglass  / Copper and other sewer and drain pipes
  • We have a coupling to fit your every application.
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Meeting material requirements of IPC/IRC, CUPC, ASTM C-1173,
  • Non-leaded compound and Non-Phthalates resin
  • Flexibility of +/- 5% od.
  • Assembled with 301SS Banding – 1/2“width bands
  • 60 in/lbs torque.