At Dallas Specialty our goal is to be a leader in providing high-quality products and service to the Wholesale Plumbing, Irrigation, Water Works, Tile and Home Center Industries. Our focus after 35 years in the business has never changed: we remain flexible to our customers needs. Call us about a question on a part or ask us about a special product need, we will be there for you.


Dallas Specialty’s mission is to satisfy and meet the needs of the Commercial and Residential communities in the Plumbing, Waterworks & Irrigation Industries, and expanding into industries where our products meet specific demands. To provide high-quality products and exceptional service to the Wholesale industries. Our focus after Thirty-Four years has not changed: remaining flexible to our client’s needs. Becoming a trusted source of Specialty and Innovative products to the Plumbing, HVAC, Irrigation, Waterworks, Tile and Specialty industries, Home and Hardware Centers.


Dallas Specialty continues to be operated by Veteran and Industry Entrepreneur, Michael Knight. Committed to the Industry for over 55 years, Dallas Specialty is family owned and based in Texas, proving significant stability and longevity. Dallas Specialty owns and operates its manufacturing facilities in Greenville, Texas and Distribution Center in Grand Prairie, Texas. Dallas Specialty products are available through Manufacturer Sales Representatives, including stocking warehouses throughout the United States, and Plumbing Wholesalers throughout the United States.


Dallas Specialty continues to be innovative and responsive to the needs of its customers, remaining steadfast on providing quality products, timely service, friendly transactions and competitive pricing to the industry. We continually analyze industry needs, and committed to providing you with consistent service and products. Dallas Specialty provides product brands and Dallas Specialty series products. We are always expanding to meet the needs of the Plumbing & Waterworks Industries. Always ask for the the following Dallas Specialty products, a name you can trust:

  • Dallas Specialty’s Series Flexible PVC Pipe Couplings & SR Series Shielded Flexible Couplings & Transitions
  • Dallas Specialty DAL-CAPS:  Specialty Clean out Caps, the all-purpose flexible banded cap
  • Dallas Specialty’s GREEN Series Flexible Hi-Temperature/Chemical Couplings
  • Dallas Specialty’s DS4 Series Sewer Lateral Cleanouts in both Plastic and Solid Cast Iron
  • Dallas Specialty’s SPUDNUTS:  Compression Seal Gaskets for various connections
  • Dallas Specialty Shower Drains: DAL-DRAINS, a variety of drains for commercial & residential
  • Dallas Specialty Closet Flanges: DAL-FLANGES for new & repair connections
  • Dallas Specialty Polyethylene Pipe Sleeving: DAL-SLEEVE pipe sleeving for the rough-in phase
  • Dallas Specialty’s Valve & Meter Boxes: Plastic Underground Boxes for Valve & Meter connections
  • Dallas Specialty’s “SPECIALTIES”:  Products that complement all of our other product lines
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