Dal-Flanges & Accessories

Dallas Specialty’s provides a wide variety of flanges for repair, new construction, residential and commercial needs.

Metal Ring Closet Flanges in galvanized or all stainless steel, will not corrode or break by over-tightened closet bolts. There are many configurations both straight and offset that we provide in PVC or ABS. All our flanges are of the Flush Type which lay flat on the floor and no need to chisel concrete or cut the flooring out as the old style type flanges need. Available with or without knockouts, Dallas Specialty’s Dal-Flange series AFF34 M are most popular.

Dallas Specialty’s Closet Flanges needed for repair & remodel, are available in many variations for 3” or 4” size drainage pipes, cast iron, PVC/ABS & lead piping. You can choose all-plastic styles or plastic with metal rings. Most popular are gasketed styles either Push&Shuv (which push on) or compression style with stainless steel adjustment screws or even O’Ring slip-in type. Dallas Specialty manufactures a full line of Plastic Closet Flanges which are less costly but are not as adjustable as the metal ring styles. All Plastic styles available with and without knock-outs for testing. Dallas Specialty wants to make the job easier, therefore providing easy Push&Shuv flanges for installations without gluing.

Dallas Specialty provides Closet Flange Extensions for applications where needing to raise the flange up from a minimum of 1/4” to as high as 1”. These flange extensions are stackable.

Dallas Specialty manufactures Closet Stabilizers which are mainly used on second level floors and stabilize the pipe penetration between floors. Helping to keep from rocking toilets (water closets) and they act as a large escutcheon over the cut out. Available in 3” & 4” sizes.

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