Chemical Resistant & Hi-Temp Couplings


Designed for High Performance applications where standard drainage couplings will not do the job. Used in medical facilities, pharmaceutical plants, laboratories, film and printing plants, testing labs, research labs, food and drug production.  For connections where Hi-Temperatures and/or Chemicals are present. Resistant to Hydrochloric, Acetic, Nitric and Sulfuric Acids. Reference our chemical resistance chart for compatibility.

  • Made for high endurance and high performance.
  • Also used under driveways, roadways, heavy traffic areas, or load bearing situations where a High Performance Connection is needed.
  • Withstanding temperatures up to 212°F.
  • Providing you with sizes to fit your every application:
    • HTCRSR Series:  Fits IPS x IPS size or Stainless x Stainless
    • B-HTCRSR Series:  Fits IPS x Duriron
    • C-HTCRSR Series: Fits Copper x Copper
    • D-HTCRSR Series: Fits Duriron x Duriron
    • E-HTCRSR Series: Fits Copper x Duriron
    • G-HTCRSR Series: Fits Glass Pipe x IPS
    • K-HTCRSR Series: Fits Glass Pipe x Duriron
  • 301SS .012 Heavy Duty Stainless Shield
  • Providing constant tension through the use of our constant tension banding. Providing 80″lb torque
  • Provides outside strength for extra load bearing capacity, allowing a connection where strength & continuity is required.

Hi-Temp Chemical Resistant catalog