Shielded Couplings

Dallas Specialty’s Flexible PVC Shielded Couplings,  designed for applications under driveways, roadways, heavy traffic or where load bearing conditions exist:

  • Dallas Specialty’s DSSR & DSCTSR Series Shielding Couplings give additional strength and rigidness to maintain proper alignment while providing transferring pressure to the clamps to the gasket to the pipes.
  • Designed for applications such as under driveways and where load bearing conditions are present and where shear forces exist.
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Meeting or exceeding material requirements of IPC/IRC, CUPC
  • ASTM C-1173 & ASTM D-5926
  • We are your trusted source of Flexible PVC Shielded Pipe Couplings.
  • 301SS Heavy Duty Stainless Shield .012 Thickness
  • DSSR Series – 1/2″ Wide Bands  – 5/16“screw  – 60″lbs torque
  • DSCTSR Series – Constant Tension Shear Banded Couplings allow 80″lbs torque

Constant Tension Band Coupling Spec Sheet