Shielded Couplings

Dallas Specialty’s Flexible PVC Shielded Couplings,  designed for applications under driveways, roadways, heavy traffic or where load bearing conditions exist:

We are your trusted source of Flexible PVC Shielded Pipe Couplings.
Dallas Specialty’s DSSR & DSCTSR Series Shielding Couplings give additional strength and rigidness to maintain proper alignment while providing transferring pressure to the clamps to the gasket to the pipes.
Designed for applications such as under driveways and where load bearing conditions are present and where shear forces exist.
Manufactured in the USA
Meeting or exceeding material requirements of IPC/IRC, CUPC
ASTM C-1173 & ASTM D-5926
301SS Heavy Duty Stainless Shield .012 Thickness
DSSR Series – 1/2″ Wide Bands  – 5/16“screw  – 60″lbs torque
DSCTSR Series – Constant Tension Shear Banded Couplings allow 80″lbs torque