Dallas Specialty manufactures high quality Flexible PVC Pipe Couplings for your drainage connection needs. DS58 Series couplings are specialty sized to accommodate Cast Iron or Plastic to Copper. Used in connecting Sewer & Drain and DWV piping systems. From sewer connections, house-to-main connections, repairs, cut-ins, conductor and roof drains, Used in underground sewer, drainage and other pipelines to connect Plastic, Cast Iron, PVC, ABS, Stainless Steel Schedule 40 PVC/DWV, SDR35, Clay, A/C Fibre, Ductile Iron, Concrete, ADS corrugated, RCP, Fiberglass and other sewer and drain pipes, we have a coupling to fit your every application. Manufactured in the USA and meeting material requirements of IPC/IRC, CUPC, ASTM C-1173, our non-leaded compound and non-phthalate resins have a flexibility of +/- 5% od. All couplings are assembled with 301SS Banding 1/2“width and 60 in/lbs of torque.